Community  Development

“Transforming the communities where people live is pivotal to creating a context in which human potential and creativity are harnessed for wider national development.”

This quote from Dr. Noel Woodroffe articulates our strong commitment to helping build successful communities. Legacy Consulting recognizes that strong communities are the fabric of a strong society and that it is the community level of life that most closely embraces and effects people. Legacy works with non-profits, cities, and counties to develop stronger communities through strategic planning, leadership development, economic development, resource identification and procurement, grant writing, training and assistance, and guidance for overall community development as well as specific projects. Legacy has worked with its clients on downtown revitalization, economic recruitment, educational programs and much more. Legacy Consulting currently works with the Arkansas Municipal League, Winrock International, the Council of State Governments and a host of cities, towns and non-profits to build stronger communities.

Legacy Consulting is committed to advocating on behalf of local government and their officials, helping communities with development projects and access resources. We deeply believe that the community level is key to building a great society and strong state governments. We are dedicated to serving at the local level.

Legacy Consulting is recognized as an expert firm in community development, strategic planning, municipal government and grant acquisition. We help our clients develop the appropriate strategy and pursue the proper resources. Grant funding should be an important part of an overall community development blueprint. No one understands this or has more success in this area than Legacy Consulting.

Our clients hire us because they want to access the resources that will best help develop their community. We come along side local officials and community organizations to strengthen the organization internally, help develop solid winning strategies to address real challenges, bring about appropriate community development and strengthen the local economy. We don’t leave when the strategy is in place or the resources acquired. It is our responsibility to help our clients execute the strategy successful!

Community development is more than just part of what we do— it is a passion, a priority and the place of sincere commitment.